Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand offer an entire continent of exciting choices. Australia’s red-hot deserts, tropical rainforests, snowy mountains, cool lagoons and surreal white beaches are packed full of memorable pleasures. New Zealand has sat in splendid isolation for hundreds of thousands of years, which has given it amazing flora and flora that are unique to these islands. Like Australia, it is a place of natural wonders: two main islands called the North Island and the South Island, and many smaller ones.

Enjoy lazy days at a typical beach barbecue, go bushwalking and look at natural wonders that you have never seen before. Soak up the coastal scenery, or discover
the ancient aboriginal culture. Be amazed by canyons and mountains, the magical Great Barrier Reef, stunning waterfalls and wetlands, and world-famous national parks. The towns and cities are vibrant and various. Sydney is a 24-hour fascinating place, and the lifestyle a mix of European and south-east Asian. This is a place of surf, sand and nature, from the Sunshine Coast to the dunes of Fraser Island. There’s always time to take a trip to Tasmania, and enjoy its breathtaking Wineglass Bay, Cradle Mountain and rugged landscapes. Or go to South Australia and visit Kangaroo Island, explore the majestic Finders Ranges and make the most of this wine territory.

The landscape of New Zealand is a mix of snowy mountains and lush forests, spectacular bays and beaches. New Zealand is a place to drive around and explore: icy mountains, fast-flowing rivers, clear lakes, hissing geysers, boiling muddy marshes, natural forests, deserted beaches, and beautiful birds. It is a paradise for sailing, hiking, rafting, skiing, swimming and fishing, The epic scenery isn’t all that New Zealand has to offer. The cities, including the capital Wellington and Auckland, somehow manage to combine big-city life with small-town charm. Wellington’s skyscrapers are mixed in with wooden Victorian buildings terraced up from the famous harbour. Auckland, which is larger than the capital is sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea. Australia and New Zealand
are a stunning world apart.