The land of alligators, pink flamingos and Walt Disney is served by 130 public airports that bring in around 60 million visitors each year. Florida is the Sunshine State and the orange capital of the world. It grows most of the oranges eaten in the rest of the United States – and that’s because the climate is just right.

Florida is on the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean and the Straits of Florida. It’s close to the Bahamas and to Cuba, and has a similar subtropical climate, with mild cool winters and hot wet summers. Top Florida destinations are the Florida Keys, Tampa, glamorous and culturally mixed Miami, and Orlando, home of Disney.

The glorious weather and hundreds of miles of white, palm-lined beaches are a main attraction. Florida life is an easy, relaxed life, with efficient services and well-maintained public spaces, plenty of entertainment and superb cuisine that is a mix of Hispanic, Cuban, Creole and Spanish.