Leisure Guard travel insurance providing YOU with peace of mind

Leisure Guard

Leisure Guard, an independent FSA registered company, offers discoverAccess’s members travel insurance solutions that give YOU peace of mind, including:

single trip travel insurance from just £13.26 for 7 days

annual travel insurance from just £48.98 per person, £75.68 per couple or £81.19 per family – that’s just under 23p a day for an unlimited number of trips per year including holidays in the UK

holiday ownership insurance from just £25.00 so that if you need to cancel your trip or cut it short then your holiday ownership costs for that holiday are covered as well as refunding you up to 12% of the original holiday ownership purchase price!

To get a free quote or purchase any travel and/or holiday ownership insurance simply visit www.leisureguardtravelinsurance.com now or call Leisure Guard on telephone
no. 01275 473 250