“What members say” about Club Access 2 leisure and its resorts

Club Access 2 leisure is YOUR Club and we are always happy to listen to members’ suggestions so that the Club can evolve to meet members’ changing needs. One of our greatest satisfactions is when members make suggestions, Club staff agree and act upon your suggestions and subsequently all members come to benefit from the changes others may have proposed: three examples of this are Wi-Fi access in all Club Riza apartments and the free to use DVD library and a fitness room recently opened at Club Riza in Malta.

The following are just a selection of the wonderful messages we have received over the past year or so which reaffirm that over the past 25 years Club Access 2 leisure has successfully evolved and continues to deliver on its promise of providing members with the very best affordable holidays… always and anywhere:

“In the twenty five years of our membership my wife and I have come to look upon our holidays as visiting family. The staff are always so welcoming and friendly and we  look forward to our visits as if we are ‘coming home’. Truly excellent!”
John and Pamela Karcha
from Duxford, Members since 1987

“When we joined we were promised trouble free holidays, and year after year we are still having them. From reservation to resort every time is a joy. Now we are like family.”
Robin and Patricia Wickens from Minster-in-Thanet, Members since 2004

“We are very pleased that we joined Club Access 2 leisure… it is a pity we didn’t join years ago as we have been so well looked after in every aspect. We feel that we belong to a large family with nothing being too much to make our stay so wonderful.”
Family Killey from Ballasalla, Members since 2010

“As a result of my medical emergency whilst on holiday, we have experienced outstanding customer service and want to thank you for going above and beyond the realms of human kindness.”
Family Bouskill from Horncastle, Members since 2006

“Club Riza Reception Staff excellent. Maids and cleaners very pleasant and friendly. General Manager, Marygrace very helpful and excellent at her job.”
Family Hooper from Exeter, Members since 2006

“Rep Paul and Club Los Molinos Resort Manager Paul were very helpful when my wife was ill and we cannot thank them enough for all that they did. We will be back as soon as we can. Once again thank you all.”
Family Hill from Whitecroft, Members since 2005

To read more about what other members are currently saying about Club Access 2 leisure and the Club resorts, log on to the “What members say” section of the  News area on the Club’s website www.A2L.BIZ