What members say about Club Access 2 leisure

“Joining Club Access 2 leisure was the best deal we ever made. We have met wonderful people and magnificent staff over the years. The experience is worth every penny. This product is perfect for us and responds to our holiday needs.”
Mr. & Mrs. Fletcher of Heywood, Lancashire

“My wife Doreen and I have been very happy members of Club Access 2 leisure’s Holiday Clubs for over 22 years. It has always been to us like a second home -the staff almost like members of our own family. The day we bought our weeks was definitely one of the best. Our experience and that of our large family has been wonderful and we have always lauded the outstanding feeling of good value the Club represents. Of course it’s about the splendid management, which both administratively and financially gives every member superb confidence in holiday ownership.”
Mr. & Mrs. Clark of Chelmsford, Essex

“We have been Club Access 2 leisure holiday owners for 5 years and are very happy with our membership. It gives us very good holidays. The staff is very helpful and there is a good atmosphere at the resorts. We recommend Club Access 2 leisure.”
Mr. & Mrs. Duncan of Rosyth, Fife

“My wife and I have really appreciated being members of Club Access 2 leisure’s Holiday Clubs since 1995. The apartments are first class with management and staff so caring. We go there 3 times a year and enjoy every minute of it. I urge others to “Let Club Access 2 leisure take the strain to get you into the sun and out of the rain…”
Mr. & Mrs. Woods of Birkenhead, Wirral

“We are new to the Club Access 2 leisure family, we joined originally on a Discover Access package in 2007. We had come to Malta on a whim and had found ourselves in less than desirable accommodation. But around the corner was luxury in the shape of the Riza and we fell in love. During the rest of our stay in Malta we used the facilities of the Riza everyday, it was our sanctuary. We were both very happy with all aspects of the Riza and couldn’t have had more help from the staff. The staff at the Riza and Club Access 2 leisure were and are so pleasant and helpful -“they go above and beyond the call of duty “ to help ensure a pleasant and happy stay. We promised we would go back and only 8 months later, in December 2007, we stayed for 4 weeks over Christmas and New Year and had a most excellent time. During our stay they gave us lots of precious time to re-explain how the system works. It was at this point that we decided to upgrade and become full members, so now we can look forward to access many more happy holidays at the Riza and around the world.“
Mr. & Mrs. Price of North Yorkshire