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Congratulations… YOU are now Club Access 2 leisure Holiday Owners.

Club Access 2 leisure is your passport to affordable holidays at quality worldwide resorts.

With Club Access 2 leisure, not only does everything look simple, it is simple. We provide you with advice, choice, quality and service.

As Club Access 2 leisure Holiday Owners you will have continuing entitlement to fabulous holiday accommodation at a selection of quality international resorts and you will enjoy an efficient reservations service. Simply call the Club Access 2 leisure Reservation Centre to book at any of the Club Access 2 leisure resorts or in any of more than 2,000 resorts worldwide, through our association with other developers.

Enjoy also that last minute extra holiday: look out for bonus weeks on offer exclusively to you at discounted bargain rates.

We have a simple philosophy: we believe in providing you with the very best holiday… anywhere and always.